Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the PBL Community membership cost?

    You may join our community for only $17/month and can cancel at anytime.

  • What is included in the PBL Community membership?

    The PBL Community membership includes full access to all of our Meatless Monday cooking classes, Wellness Wednesday webinars, Plant Power 101 gardening courses, Ask Us Anything Live Q&As, Around the Kitchen skills & technique classes, recipe catalog, wellness guides & eBooks, PBL essentials lists, and a 15% discount on Plant Based Lovin', A Wellthy Mindset, & DAM Good Vegan apparel, accessories, and products. All for only $17/month

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your membership, login to the membership dashboard. In the top right corner, select the menu and click 'My Account' then select 'Billing'.

  • If I miss live classes, will they be available for replay?

    Yes! All of our classes and webinars are first filmed live then uploaded to your membership dashboard for replay at any time.

  • Do I need Facebook to participate in the community support group?

    Yes, you will need to have a Facebook account to gain access to our private community support group. Our classes are broadcasted via zoom, so you will be able to attend all classes without having a Facebook account. We also have a forum discussion board on your membership dashboard if you have questions you want to ask the PBL coaches.

  • How do I know this membership is for me?

    If you're looking to learn how you can take control of your health with the support of a healthier diet and more natural holistic lifestyle, Plant Based Lovin' is for you.